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SEO WordPress Themes

Our AdFlex SEO WordPress themes can be considered as smart, advanced, visually customizable with more than 250 theme options, SEO built-in and AdSense ready WordPress themes that can be used with WordPress 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.5.x, 2.6.x, 2.7.x and 2.8.x, 2.9.x and 3.0.x.

AdFlex SEO WordPress Themes are among the most powerful and customizable SEO AdSense WordPress themes that are currently available on the market.

With more than 250 theme options, our WordPress themes are certainly the ones on the market that have the most theme options. Perfect for the Seo Consultant The 250 theme options will permit you to publish a custom designed WordPress Web site and all that without having to code or change any XHTML, CSS or PHP code.

The unique combination of easy of customization with more than 250 theme options, SEO built-in and AdSense ready features make our AdFlex SEO WordPress themes very easy to use yet powerful and advanced SEO AdSense WordPress themes.

AdFlex SEO Download

AdFlex SEO

SEO WordPress themes are currently available for pilote users only and will be available to the public in the next couples of weeks.

In the meantime, you can download our two similar free SEO WordPress themes Ad Flex Blog and Ad Flex Niche that share the same principle than our AdFlex SEO themes and come with about 200 theme options.

You can download our free Ad Flex Blog and Ad Flex Niche via our sister Web site.
Just visit VK LabX – SEO WordPress to download:

  • SEO WordPress Theme Ad Flex Blog
  • SEO WordPress Theme Ad Flex Niche

WordPress theme AdFlex SEO Features and Options

Here are the most recently added features and options:

  • META Description for the homepage.
  • META Description for each post and that is dynamically generated based on the content of the post or article.
  • META Keyword for the homepage.
  • Duplicate Content Prevention to avoid WordPress web pages to be penalized by Google duplicate content filter and eventually placed in Google Supplemental Index.
  • Smart WWW / non-WWW Redirection to force on unique version of the Blog URI and avoid non-necessary PR (PageRank) dilution.
  • Several AdSense banner positions.
  • Blocking Cookie feature to avoid your AdSense banners to appear to you when you surf your own web site or blog.
  • Several AdFlex Skins to permit to change the external theme layout and switch easily from a narrow to a wide theme layout.
  • Ease to Use by controlling over more than 250 customization parameters and options directly via the WordPress Dashboard where you can perform all the changes from there without having to touch any XHTML, CSS or PHP code.
  • And of course, a lots of other features you’ll discover by yourself when playing with AdFlex SEO.

The following new features are already under development and will be provided with the coming versions of AdFlex SEO:

  • AJAX Search feature
  • AJAX Widgets support
  • Visual Site Map feature
  • Built-in Intelligent Links Management
  • Other surprising features

SEO AdSense WordPress theme AdFlex SEO Availability

Please note that AdFlex SEO will be only available to the general public in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can visit and download the two current stable variants Ad Flex Niche and Ad Flex Blog that are provided via our sister Web site:

  • Ad Flex Blog
  • Ad Flex Niche

Easy Straight Forward SEO AdSense

Our SEO AdSense WordPress theme AdFlex SEO are easy to use and provide you with a straight forward way to increase your AdSense CRT.

You can add several AdSense banner to your WordPress Web site as well as other Ad banners like Amazon Shop and/or any other Affiliate products from other Affiliate Programs and Networks.

Search Engine Optimized SEO

AdFlex SEO themes are Search Engine Optimization ready to target the best rank possible in Google search engine. The target is of course the Google Top 10.

AdSense Ready

AdFlex SEO WordPress themes are AdSense Ready. You can easily add several AdSense banners and AdSense Link Units and without any WordPress plug-ins. Putting AdSense on WordPress is as easy as installing the WordPress theme.

AdSense Adjacent Images

The AdSense WordPress themes AdFlex SEO let you easily add to up 8 random images from a set of any numbers of images you want. Having nice images on your WordPress site will attract people attention and will permit to increase positively your AdSense CRT.

AdFlex SEO themes also come with an option to display a separator bar between the AdSense Ads and the different images to permit you to better adhere to the latest Google AdSense Terms Of Services.

Random Banners

The WordPress themes AdFlex SEO can display random banner images. Every time the page is displayed or refreshed, a new banner image is randomly displayed and taken from your set of banner images.

Random Backgrounds

The SEO themes AdFlex SEO can display random background images. Every time the page is displayed or refreshed, a new background image is randomly selected and displayed to the visitor.

Stat Counter and Ad Stat Counter

The SEO AdSense WordPress themes AdFlex SEO ease the inclusion of a stat counter as well as a Ad stat counter. You can add the code for your stat counter and Ad stat counter via the WordPress Dashboard.

RSS Feeds

The SEO WordPress AdFlex SEO themes let you easily add RSS feeds to your WordPress site. You can add the code for your RSS feeds via a user friendly administration interface and it will be displayed in a fully integrated way. Your RSS feeds will appear just at the end of your article/post content.

Newsletter Ready

AdFlex SEO themes are ready to be integrated with your own Newsletter service. You just need to add the Newsletter code to have it appear instantly as one section of the sidebar.

Exhaustive Customization Parameters

The AdSense WordPress themes AdFlex SEO come with a more exhaustive list of over 250 customization theme options. All theme options can all be managed via the WordPress Dashboard.

Here is a list of some of the customization parameters and options that come with with AdFlex SEO:

  • Site Title
  • Short Site Description
  • Long Site Description
  • Site Name
  • Page Title Prefix
  • Page Title Postfix
  • Page Title Separator
  • Layout Format
  • Page Border Color
  • Page Border Size
  • Page background Color
  • Custom Stylesheet
  • Custom Stylesheet Code
  • Search Engine Options
  • Search Engines Access Permission
  • Search Engines Duplicate Content Prevention Mode
  • META Description on Homepage
  • META Description on Post
  • META Keyword on Homepage
  • Header Options
  • Top Bar Visibility
  • Top Bar Height
  • Top Bar Background Color
  • Top Bar Text Color
  • Top Bar Text Visibility
  • Top Bar Text
  • Top Bar Text Alignment
  • Banner Image Height
  • Bottom Bar Visibility
  • Bottom Bar Background Color
  • Bottom Bar Color
  • Bottom Bar Text Visibility
  • Bottom Bar Text
  • Bottom Bar Text Alignment
  • Bottom Bar Height
  • Link Unit Bar Visibility
  • Link Unit Bar Background Color
  • Link Unit Bar Color
  • Link Unit Bar Text Visibility
  • Link Unit Bar Text
  • Link Unit Bar Text Alignment
  • Link Unit Bar Height
  • Ad Banner Link Unit Visibility
  • Ad Banner Link Unit Code
  • Headline Title Bar Background Color
  • Headline Title Bar Color
  • Headline Title Bar Height
  • Headline Title Bar Text Alignment
  • Images Top Bar Visibility
  • Images Top Bar Background Color
  • Images Top Bar Color
  • Images Top Bar Border Color
  • Images Top Bar Border Size
  • Ad Banner Top Options
  • Ad Banner Top Visibility
  • Ad Banner Top Code
  • Ad Banner Top Background Color
  • Ad Banner Top Color
  • Content Options
  • Content Background Color
  • Content Color
  • Content Link Color
  • Content Title Color
  • Content Title Link Color
  • Post Comments Form Visibility
  • Post Pings Form Visibility
  • Post Category Visibility
  • Post Date Visibility
  • Post Time Visibility
  • Post Author Visibility
  • Post Comments Summary Visibility
  • Post Edit Visibility
  • Post Content Display on Homepage
  • RSS Code Visibility
  • RSS Code Background Color
  • RSS Code Color
  • RSS Code Link Color
  • RSS Code
  • Sidebar Options
  • Sidebar Visibility
  • Sidebar Alignment
  • Sidebar Border Color
  • Sidebar Border Size
  • Sidebar Background Color
  • Sidebar Color
  • Sidebar Link Color
  • Sidebar Title Color
  • Sidebar Width
  • Search Code Visibility
  • Search Code
  • Sidebar Navigation Section Name
  • About Text Visibility
  • About Text
  • Newsletter Code Visibility
  • Newsletter Code
  • Recent Posts Section Visibility
  • Recent Posts Section Name
  • Recent Posts Number
  • Archives Section Visibility
  • Archives Section Name
  • Categories Section Visibility
  • Categories Section Name
  • Links Section Visibility
  • META Section Visibility
  • Custom Section Visibility
  • Custom Sidebar Code
  • Images Bottom Bar Options
  • Images Bottom Bar Visibility
  • Images Bottom Bar Background Color
  • Images Bottom Bar Color
  • Images Bottom Bar Border Color
  • Ad Banner Bottom Options
  • Ad Banner Bottom Visibility
  • Ad Banner Bottom Code
  • Ad Banner Bottom Background Color
  • Ad Banner Bottom Color
  • Footer Options
  • Footer Bar Border Color
  • Footer Bar Border Size
  • Footer Bar Background Color
  • Footer Bar Color
  • Footer Bar Link Color
  • Footer Bar Height
  • Custom Footer Code Visibility
  • Custom Footer Code
  • Stat Counters Options
  • Stat Counter Code
  • Ad Stat Counter Code

AdSense WordPress Themes AdFlex SEO Download

AdFlex SEO is will be available to the general public in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can download the two similar SEO WordPress themes Ad Flex Blog and Ad Flex Niche that are provided via VK LabX’s web site:

  • SEO WordPress Theme Ad Flex Blog
  • SEO WordPress Theme Ad Flex Niche